City tour Buenos Aires:
Visiting the city center, where the most prominent attractions: 9 de Julio Avenue, Colon Theater, Obelisco, Plaza de Mayo, then south passes through San Telmo, tango, the neighborhood of La Boca and Caminito . Going to Puerto Madero, important gastronomic area. You can also visit Palermo with its parks, Recoleta, a floating casino and Sunday antiques fair in San Telmo.
Buenos Aires Tango:
Is a different proposition to the visits of the most famous tango, you can take tango lessons for beginners, intermediate or advanced level, and explore different milongas, dine and watch the important shows..
Soccer Stadium Tours:
Visit the stadium of River Plate and Boca Juniors entering the field of games, knowing the costumes and also to see important games..
A field day gaucho festival:
Visiting the traditional Buenos Aires stays only 50 minutes from Buenos Aires, you can watch shows of folklore, dances and rural activities. And enjoy a barbecue area.
Heli tours:
Experience the wonderful sensation of flying, dazzling with the unique landscapes and walking around the downtown area.
Bike tour por Buenos Aires:
Guided tour in English and Spanish giving bikes, helmets, medical care and cover the main areas of the city.
Unique experience flying the most productive fields in the province of Buenos Aires. Capital One hour live the experience of touching the sky of the Pampas with their hands.
Buenos Aires Night Life:
Buenos Aires is a city that never sleeps, and leaving nothing better than to walk around at night accompanied by a local guide show you the various points where the real move.
To experience all the sensations that are experienced in skydiving. With only 10 minutes of instruction, passenger and instructor are ready to begin the journey to 3000 meter high jump by 1500 meters where free fall.
Tren de la Costa:
Tour of the area north of the city of Buenos Aires, combining train, bus and boat.
Park Temaikén:
Park more than 34 hectares which recreate the three major habitats of nature: water, earth and the ram, in which there are several native species and other regions.
Exclusive classic cruise tours to the Delta of Tigre and Rio de la Plata. Luxury and comfort combined with a 5 star service.
Polo Day:
Learn the basics of polo in our clinic. If you have experience at your disposal specialists to help you improve your technique and you can have fun watching a practice match. Our stay of 37 hectares with vegetation type field facilities.
Tigre delta ecotur:
Know the Tigre and Delta particular lush landscapes and enjoy a quiet day contact with nature and the river.
Delta en Kayak:
We sailed along small streams in double kayaks, river and enjoying the natural colors of Delta. Accompanied by a specialist guide kayak tours. We rest on a sandy beach and a snack bar island inn.
Day Stay:
We begin with a beautiful room with aged trees, a large town and 38 hectares. to explore and enjoy the generosity of our Pampas. Ideal for a picnic in a framework of détente. Aomorzaremos a delicious roast. Has stables own organic farm, a polo field, swimming pool, barbecue area and a pond with ducks.
Fishing Day:
Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide to the best fishing areas in the Rio de la Plata and the Paraná Delta.
Safari Ecológico:
Know the biosphere reserve is closer to Buenos Aires. Created in 2000 and recognized by UNESCO as natural and cultural heritage of humanity. Enjoy the flora and fauna of the wetland biógicos accompanied by guides who participated in its design and creation.
Bus Turísticos:
Know the city of Buenos Aires and its most emblematic places. More information